The Journey of World Holdings

February 1993 World Intec Co., Ltd. established

World Intec Co., Ltd. was established in Fukuoka Prefecture's Kitakyushu City (Capital: 10 Million Yen), entered the Human Resources and Education Business (currently Factory Business).

June 1997 In development to become a Technology Business

Established the FE (Field Engineer) Division (currently the Technology Division).

February 2002 In development to become an R&D Business

Research and Development Division (currently R&D Division) established.

February 2005 Became listed on the JASDAQ Securities Exchange.

December 2005 Entered the Telecommunications Business

e-support, Inc. was joined, entered the Information and Telecommunications Business.

April 2010 Entered the Real Estate Business

WORLD RESIDENTIAL Co., Ltd. was established and entered the Real Estate Business.

July 2014 Transition made to a pure holding company, named changed to WORLD HOLDINGS CO., LTD. As the business succession company, the name of WORLD INTEC De-merger Preparatory Company Ltd. changed to WORLD HOLDINGS CO., LTD.

March 2016 Listed in the second division at the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market

June 2016 Assigned to first listing in the Tokyo Stock Exchange Market

Thanks to our supporters,
in 2018 we celebrated our 25th year in business.
We will continue adding to the base of our existing business
while looking ahead to new challenges.

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