Create a Sustainable World.


The Purpose of the World Holdings Group

Contribute to happiness and a sustainable society
through the creation of a variety of ways we live worldwide

Enabling people worldwide to enjoy even more energetic and fulfilling lives will create happiness and contribute to progress in many ways, thereby helping to make the world better.

Our mission is to play a role in the creation of an energetic and stimulating society where people can enjoy their lives.

The Ways We Live

The ways we work Human Resources and Education

We want to help people of all kinds find jobs that best match their skills and goals in order to enable them to experience the joy and satisfaction of work. By providing training, we give people the skills to achieve their full potential, which supports the growth and advancement of businesses.

The ways we create communities Real Estate

Pleasant communities are essential for people to lead enjoyable and fulfilling lives. By designing these communities, we provide an environment for vibrant and satisfying lifestyles. Activities place priority on preserving the environment and natural resources in order to be a responsible member of society.

The ways we provide convenience and safety Information and Telecommunications

We are dedicated to creating the use of today’s advanced information technology infrastructure for being a source of convenience and for establishing an environment where people can enjoy their lives with convenience and confidence.

The ways we look to the future Agricultural Parks

Agricultural parks help protect the environment and conserve the earth’s resources while giving children a place where they can grow. By operating these parks, we are playing a role in sustainable social progress.


World Holdings Activities for Sustainability

Environment Activity

  • Real Estate
  • Agricultural Parks

Provide products that make houses environmentally responsible and pleasant as well as play a role in creating communities where people can live with confidence

  • Real Estate
  • Agricultural Parks

Help protect the environment and conserve the earth’s resources and give children a place where they can grow while enjoying healthy and educational outdoor activities


Upgrade the fairness, transparency and speed of governance of the World Holdings Group Rigorous compliance program/Even stronger risk management