Site Terms of Service

Site Terms of Service


All information on this website (hereafter referred to as the Information) is posted by World Holdings Co., Ltd. as corporate information disclosure of World Holdings. We make sure that this information is accurate, however, artificial manipulation by a third party or mechanical defects due to technical malfunction and other force majeure may lead to error generation, technical inaccuracies, or misprints. Should such case of inaccuрacy or misprint lead to damages (including, but not exclusively, lost profit, damages due to interruption of business processes, or data loss), even if World Holdings has been preliminary notified about the possible occurrence of such damage, World Holdings shall not be liable for any damages that may arise in such a situation. In addition, this Information may be updated or deleted entirely or partially without prior notification to our clients.

The content may be changed entirely or partially, or deleted without prior notice to the clients.

Online information disclosure

We pay utmost care and attention to keep information and contents about our product quality accurate and up-to-date. Company shall not be liable for any damage or loss due to erroneous information or caused by the transmission environment during data download, or the client’s computer, should such occur.

Repudiation of investment solicitation

This website’s purpose is not to invite investments. Company request the users to make their decisions on investment voluntarily and based on their own judgement. Company also encourages avoiding investment decisions based only on the earning estimates. Please be aware that the actual earnings depend on various important factors, and their estimation may lead to a significantly different result. Some of the important factors that may affect the actual earnings include the economic conditions of Company’s business field, market trends, etc.

About the prospects for the future

The estimates, strategies, and management policies published on this website which are not based on historical facts are prospects for the future. They represent judgements of the management based on the currently available information.

About copyright

The copyright holder of any information (text, images, design, materials, logos, programmes) published on this website is either World Holdings or a third party who provided it. Exceeding the personal use out of the legal workframe, or duplication and diversion of it without the proprietor’s permission, is illegal.

About links on this website

Refrain from sharing a link to this website without notice to World Holdings. World Holdings is not liable for any damages due to ignoring the above. Some of the links on this website lead to sites that do not belong to World Holdings, and we do not guarantee the contents of such sites. We shall not be liable for any damages that may occur due to the use of websites the links direct to.

Privacy Policy and Personal Information Protection

Go to our “Privacy Policy page” for more details on our personal information protection measures.