Business Introduction


Human Resources and Education Business

New workplace Values

Finding the right “work” for everyone While making you feel the joy of working lively Unleash the potential of people through education By opening up human potential We will contribute to the development of the industry

Businesses and Competitive Advantages

“HR platformer” that covers a wide range of areas

Bio / Chemistry research / Clinical trials

Mechanical Engineering / Electronics / SI design and development

Production line / Maintenance

Logistics Warehouse / 3PL

Sales / Call center

Maintenance and Repairs

From “manufacturing fields” such as research and development, design development, and manufacturing processes to “service fields” such as logistics, light work, and customer service sales. We provide human resources services (business contracting, dispatching, etc.) that cover a wide range of fields. By covering a wide range of fields, we can meet all the needs of companies, It can also offer many skills and career advancement possibilities to workers. By engaging in a wide range of fields and products / services, we form a strong group that can respond to changes in any economic environment. We have realized services that support Japanese industry.