Business Introduction


Human Resources and Education Business

New workplace Values

We are creating a transformative workplace environment designed to maximize human potential. People feel more rewarding, fulfilling their dreams, experiencing “joy of work”, people shine more. This leads to improvements in technology and productivity, and companies also develop. It also leads to the formation of a better society. We will continue to pursue the possibilities of “working”, connect people with developing companies, and contribute to the growth of society.

Businesses and Competitive Advantages

Staffing solutions for “one-stop service’ manufacturing”

Bio / Chemistry research / Clinical trials

Mechanical Engineering / Electronics / SI design and development

Production line / Maintenance

Logistics Warehouse / 3PL

Sales / Call center

Maintenance and Repairs

The creation of a new product begins with R&D and then flows through product development as part of an integrated design, development and manufacturing process. Then, our creation is distributed and sold, and once it is in the hands of the consumer, we provide ongoing repairs and a variety of after-sales services. Through business contracting and temporary staffing, we are working on transforming the field of manufacturing. We provide integrated service throughout the workflow, combining upstream and downstream insights into our process. With this one-stop service, we can respond to a wide range of corporate and consumer needs. Furthermore, we offer exciting training and career development possibilities for our employees. We have assembled a powerful and agile group capable of efficiently responding to changes in the broader economic environment.