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Message from the Top Management

Shifting the focus from the 20 years up until now to the 20 years in the future.

As of July 1, World Intec Co., Ltd. changed its name to WORLD HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and adopted a holding company system.
We are very grateful for your support and understanding concerning this matter.

The Company established a new medium-term business plan in 2012, and in an effort to achieve the targets of this plan, it has empowered people through work through its business while working to strengthen its growth base.
At the same time, the Company has firmly grounded itself in the three core businesses of the human resources and education business, the information & telecommunications business, and the real estate business with a focus on the human resources and education business to develop a business structure that is not susceptible to fluctuations in economic and social conditions.

Going forward, “Abenomics” can be expected to cause various market changes in the business fields the Company is engaged in. In this process, the key point will be how accurately the Company can understand market needs and how quickly it can provide services in response to these needs. We believe that the Company will become a clear top player once it is able to do this.
For this reason as well, we believe that it is our mission to develop and educate human resources capable of evolving businesses in various ways that are in line with the times.

Thanks to the support of its stakeholders, the Company celebrated its 20th anniversary since establishment last year.
In order to shift the focus from the 20 years up until now to the 20 years in the future, the Company will invest business resources in growth areas and pursue synergies, achieve further growth in the three core businesses, and further strengthen its solid business foundations to accelerate the speed of its business.

Going forward, we ask for the understanding and support of all of our stakeholders as WORLD HOLDINGS works to achieve our social mission of empowering people through work based on the basic philosophy of contributing to the people and cultures of the world through business.