Representative’s Greeting

Representative’s Greeting

We will create “a form in which people live”, We will contribute to society.

Through business, we are creating new ways to live. Standing by our social mission, we hope to be able to contribute to the culture and people of the world, and to further develop our philosophy.

In the modern era, the goals and values of our employees, partners and clients are constantly changing. In order to create a company in which people can thrive, we know it’s important to create spaces for people to live vibrant and full lives. As our company develops in this environment, from year to year, we realize the importance of multiple businesses integrated as one. We have always focused on our three core business: Human Resources, Education/IT, and Real Estate. Through these businesses, we help to construct an environment in which to stably create new ways to live.

Hereafter, we will continue to expand, both deepening and broadening our value. Honing our skills and pushing for constant growth, we will contribute to society and create new ways to live.

Chairman and President

Eikichi Iida