Information & Telecommunications Business

Creating new communication value with IT

The means people use to communicate such as letters, conversation, telephones, email, and SNS change along with the times.
The evolution of PCs and mobile phones has progressed at a particularly fast pace over the last 20 years due to phenomenal advances in IT, and accordingly they have become the main tools of communication.
Within this process we would like to contribute to the creation of future society by quickly providing new product and service value to customers without settling for the status quo.

Bring people together through IT: new style of communication

  • Mobile phone shop business
    We provide information and communication services to individuals and corporations throughout Kyushu, mainly northern Kyushu through over 45 directly-operated stores including AU shops, SoftBank shops, Y!mobile shops, and shops with multiple brands, and over 70 agencies.
  • Corporate business
    We reduce total costs and improve working environments by selling OA equipment, industrial air conditioners, and LED lamps, and offering communications devices and network communications services.
  • Telemarketing business
    At our own call center, we provide both outbound and inbound functions while offering order placement, procedures, and follow-up services for various products.
  • Cellphone shop business
    At our own shops, we provide cellphone accessories, purchase and sell used cellphones, repair, maintain, and lease cellphones, and offer lectures about how to use cellphones.

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