Real Estate Business

Contribute to regional areas by creating communities where people and cultures gather

Communities each have their own unique history and culture, and community building starts from knowing about this history and culture.
The true value of community building depends on the added value that can be created through a thorough study of history and culture.
We aim to create housing and communities that can be appreciated by anyone in the community through finely-tuned home building that our competitors cannot match. Furthermore, in consideration of the ties between people and culture, we aim to create communities that can contribute to society with a focus on the environment.

Connect people with housing: new styles of community building

  • Condominium business
    Our Residential Series is offered in the Tokyo metropolitan area, the Tohoku area, the Kinki area, and the Kyushu area.
    Through careful craftsmanship, we achieve home building that ties together people, local communities, and towns.
    We build homes with world-class quality, performance, and design.
  • Renovation business
    We propose a new business system fusing "a purchase system" and "renovation."
  • Detached housing business
    We will deploy the advanced product planning capabilities that have been cultivated through the condominium business.
  • Housing business
    We aim to use property information effectively and support various land needs.
  • Contract selling business
    In addition to the Residential Series, we also conduct contract selling of the properties of other companies.
    In addition to sales, we also provide services that range from market research, product planning, and delivery, all with the consistency befitting a developers’ group.
  • Condominium management business
    We provide management for the Residential Series that we have sold and subdivided.
  • Property business
    We offer all-around services according to various needs, mainly the brokerage and management of rental real estate.
  • Distribution and brokerage businesses
    We broker the sale of land, houses, and apartments, by utilizing community-based networks.

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