Human Resources and Education Business

Provide new work styles and create bonds throughout the world

Currently, there are needs for new ways of working in response to various environmental changes. Faced with these trends and based on the belief that people are the most important asset in the human resources business, we will provide new work styles.
We believe that it is our social duty and our mission to focus on educating the hearts and minds of employees, give importance to bonds between people, and educate people on the importance and joy of having work.

Connecting people with work: new work styles

  • R&D business
    The Company provides worker dispatch and contract work services to resolve issues through research professionals (full-time employees) interested in lifetime research, with the main work consisting of R&D work in medicine, biotechnology and chemicals and clinical development work for pharmaceutical companies. The Company also dispatches personnel specializing in the management of safety information on pharmaceutical products (PV = pharmaconvigilance).
    Furthermore, a specialized organization for clinical research outsourcing (CRO) for pharmaceutical companies has been established to provide services aimed at the early approval of new drugs.
  • Technology business
    The Company provides worker dispatch, contract work services, and outsourcing services in response to technical software and hardware issues ranging from development and design, production technology, evaluation testing, and repairing in the fields of machinery, electricity and electronics, and software. The Company also dispatches construction management engineers specializing in the construction industry.
  • Factory business
    The Company offers contract work services and worker dispatch in the manufacturing and logistics sectors for all industries.
    By leveraging the combination of know-how and human resources fostered over many years of experience, the Company makes suggestions that will lead to the most effective costs reductions and productivity improvements. Also in the distribution field, the Company offers a broad range of services, including worker dispatch for coping with changes and the undertaking of warehouse operation.
  • Sales and marketing business
    The Company provides worker dispatch and contract work services mainly staffed by women through its CB business that dispatches salespeople mainly in the fashion field and its OCS business that is focused on human resources for call centers.
  • Other businesses
    The Company conducts businesses to back up its human resources and education business.
    The Company empowers various people through work with businesses that include the outsourcing of government projects that will lead to job creation at local government agencies and human resources development, schools for PC education, and a special subsidiary that creates jobs for people who have disabilities together with the government.

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