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Greeting from the President

Empower people through work and deepen more bonds

In order to deepen the bonds between people throughout the world, since its foundation the Company has aimed to achieve its social mission of creating environments for more people to live their lives in and empowering people through work by providing a variety of workplaces through the three core businesses of the human resources and education business, the information & telecommunications business, and the real estate business.

Deepening bonds between more people through our business. This is our starting point that has not changed since our foundation.

Going forward we will continue to empower people through work with our business as we seek to deepen bonds between more people. For this reason as well, we believe that it is our theme and mission to develop and educate human resources capable of evolving businesses in various ways that are in line with the times.

We take pride in and love our work. We strive to be the best in empowering people through work!

Based on this slogan, all employees of WORLD HOLDINGS CO., LTD. will work together in an aim to contribute to society.