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Corporate Governance

Basic Stance

In order to empower people through work, the Company has formed a corporate group consisting of the three core businesses of the human resources and education business, the information & telecommunications business, and the real estate business and defined the corporate goals of providing returns to stakeholders while contributing to society. In attaining these corporate goals, the Company views corporate governance as an important management issue for fulfilling its corporate responsibility towards all stakeholders.

In order to accurately respond to changes in the Company’s business environment while increasing corporate value through further growth and progress, a holding company system was adopted on July 1, 2014 in order to clarify the rights and responsibilities of each division in an aim to achieve even more efficient and speedy management and establish a management system that enables agile and flexible management decisions.

While the Company has conducted management with a constant awareness of fostering transparency in decision-making and high ethical standards up until now, following the adoption of a holding company system the Company will aim to further enhance its corporate governance structure while working to increase corporate value.